What is MyLifeStylist?

MyLifeStylist is an MD Anderson Cancer Center plan developed to help prevent recurrence and improve outcomes for women with a recent history of breast cancer. By following this plan you (and your loved ones) will learn how to live a health-supporting, anticancer life, lowering your risk of recurrence and improving your quality of life.

MD Anderson has teamed up with experts at The Full Yield, Inc. to create a comprehensive, integrated program to help you succeed in following your plan.

On this website, you will discover a wealth of health-supporting information created by experts and proven to be effective in helping people just like you improve their health and quality of life. You will have access to educational supports, activity and food trackers, a recipe database, and step by step videos to facilitate a mind-body practice which will complement your onsite workshops and counseling sessions.

Let us help you keep your commitment to yourself and your health so that taking such good care becomes your natural way of being for the rest of your life.

Ready? Let’s go! Log into your personal MyLifeStylist site now.